Gay slave creamed like latte in public disgrace action

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These men came in for a café but they are staying for the live BDSM public disgrace. Young rookie Vennue Longhorn is led onto the floor in cuffs and rope bondage and his big cock all tied up. The customers laugh as Vennue is forced to suck cock. He gags while deep throating the meat but the abuse just gets worse. The fresh gay slave is turned over on a coffee table and has his ass
served up to all the big gay cocks in the room until he is creamed like a hot latte.

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Abused stud gets nipple tortured in public humiliation

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The Up Your Alley Fair gives this master a chance to really humiliate his male slave in public. The kinky male public humiliation video starts out with the slave being led around naked in the streets. It doesn’t take long to attract a crowd of horny men waiting to see the slave abused. The master starts with some nipple torture but this is just the warm up. The slave is going to have his cock tortured, get put in kinky rope bondage, and finally have his asshole served up to the entire audience of horny men.

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Disobedient gay slave gets public disgrace punishment

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The days of public punishment are not over! In this kinky public disgrace video, Luke Riley is taken out into the streets and punished for his disobedience to his master. The leather stud ties up Luke in rope bondage and makes sure his big cock is secure in the tight knots. The public disgrace is forced against a wall so Master can whip his body while the crowd of people watches. The most disgraceful part of all is that Luke actually gets off on the BDSM exhibitionism! You can see his thick cock hardening during the abuse.

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BDSM pup humiliated in gay public disgrace scene

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When clients come into this leather shop, they get a special treat. Sexy stud Sebastian Keys has been trained to service the men like an obedient pup. He crawls around on his hands and knees while on a leash. His round white ass sticks out of a leather harness so that his pink hole is vulnerable for a pounding. The public disgrace gets really kinky as the submissive gay slave is tortured in a live gay BDSM show for the entire gangbang of men to enjoy. They are all invited to abuse this humiliated gay pup in any way they can imagine.

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Gay stud gets his ass licked in public disgrace action

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Have you ever had the urge to lick a guy’s ass but been in public? Once a year, you can do just that and much more during the Up Your Alley Fair. This strict master made sure to take out his submissive slave Luke Riley for the fair and put his obedient ass on a display of public disgrace. After the master primes the gay slave with his whip and big cock, the crowds of people are invited to sodomize this kinky slave stud and shoot their jizz on his face.

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